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Let’s get real!

I get so irritated when I read posts about parenting that seem so farfetched that you know there is no way they are actually doing what they say they are. The shows on T.V. now a days portrait what think a normal family with everyday issues looks like.

Well, I’m here to tell you that all of that is bullshit. My days rarely start out with us around the kitchen table eating breakfast. More so than not my teenagers are sleeping till noon and my youngest wakes up and goes straight to a video game where I bring him cereal and a glass of chocolate milk. I try so hard to keep my house neat and all decked out in seasonal decorations but they only last a couple days because the kids knock shut down and break shit because they aren’t paying attention to where they are walking, they spill everything they try to drink on my new table cloths (I finally found some great spill proof table cloths from Wayfair that work perfectly). If it isn’t the kids, it’s the cats and dogs yes, I have 3 cats and two dogs all emotional support animals.

Let’s get real, the closest T.V. shows to real life were Roseanne (which I still watch), The Middle, and yes, I am going to say it, Shameless! Shit, I like watching shameless because I feel like a winner and that maybe there is someone out there that sucks more than I do in life lol!

Coming from a real mom I think we are all doing the best we can and if we got our kids to sleep at night or at least in the house by 11pm when the news says “do you know where your kids are” then we are doing a damn fine job and there is always tomorrow! Who knows what you will wake up too lol!

The real-life family!

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