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What! Is that my job?

Good day everyone,

Waking up this morning and going into the bathroom was an eye-opening experience.

First knowing I just changed the toilet paper roll yesterday I assumed I was safe to start the process, but you know what they say about the word assume right? yes, it makes an ass out of u and me! So, I change the roll and without looking at the toilet seat I sit down. That was my second assumption of the morning, again I didn’t put the toilet down. and dunked my ass into the bowl. Now, this is a horrible way to wake up in the morning and I started wondering, why is this always my job!

I live in a household with 5 capable people that are able to do these things for the sake of everyone else. I even live with an elusive adult male that I know for 100% that he is capable of putting a new roll of toilet paper on the roller when you see it is on the last piece. He is also capable of putting the toilet seat down for the two girls that need to keep their butts dry when using the bathroom!

This, however, seems not to be the only thing that seems to have become just the mom or dad’s job. When did I become the winner of hide and seek and my prize was being the only one that knows where everyone’s shoes are? Every day when we get ready to go anywhere all 3 kids can either not find their shoes or can only find one. Now just for your FYI I have not worn said shoes ever and my daughter wears mine and her shoes. The first thing said is “MOM I can’t find my shoes?” see it is not a statement because I put a question mark there because you know as well as I do that, they are not saying this because they just want me to know they are saying this because they want to know where they are. Now, as a mother, I am racking my brain first thinking what kid is asking me this and where was the shoe the last time I saw it. My answer to them is always “well, I wasn’t the last one to wear it and it wasn’t my turn to watch it! That statement always gets a “Mom, I am serious I don’t know where it is.” This in turn makes me start looking for it because I honestly cheated at hide and seek because I always knew where they were. Why is it that the shoes are not always together? The other day I found one in the kitchen sink and the other inside the ottoman. Now I have found everyone’s shoes and I go to get mine and see that I only have one at the place where I left both of them. Yes, where they should be, by the front door! Oh, where oh where could my other shoes have gone? I ask my daughter if she wore this certain pair of shoes and she says “yes, last night I couldn’t find mine.” When did this become my problem, I knew where my shoes were and now, I have to play hide and seek my own damn shoes?

Finally, we get everyone in the car and I look in the back and see the kids and my youngest doesn’t have a shirt on. I tell him “Aydyn, No shirt, No shoes, No service, where is your shirt” let me tell you the answer if you can’t guess! First, he says, “Mom, you said get your shoes on you didn’t say a shirt” my answer is “you always need a shirt, Go put one on!” he continued with “but I can’t find one” UGH!!!!!!!

Please tell me when did all this become my job again? They are all old enough to know where their stuff is and what to wear when you go to the store!

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